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Top of the Fjords Summer Fun

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Norway is often described as a country that “wows” visiting travelers with its many spectacular landscapes and natural wonders. Norway also offers some exceptional and maybe for some visitors an odd but still very fun experience to ski in the middle of the summer. 

Have you ever gone downhill skiing in the summer in your shorts or bikini? This is an adventure and experience you do not want to miss out on. 

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           M. King Hotel Ullensvang            
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Fonna Glacier Summer Ski Resort

Fonna Glacier is considered by many locals as one of the best summer ski locations in southern Norway also known as Folgefonna. Its located on top of the Folgafonna Glacier.  

Folgefonna Accommodations:  

***** Hotel Ullensvang – A fantastic family fun hotel located directly on the Hardanger fjord about 1hr 30min drive to the ski center. This hotel has all amenities incl it’s own bowling alley, indoor tennis courts, water park, boating, fishing on the fjord or flyfishing and many other activities and entertainment. 

Winner of Tripadvisors Travelers Choice 2015

**** Rosendal Fjord Hotel – Located approx 1h 20min from the ski center is an excellent choice that offers on the fjord comfort and activities. 

**** Baroniet Rosendal is famous for its rose gardens and Baronesque manor from the 17th century. The estate which is now a museum and lodge offers unique insight into local history as well as art by famous painters from the nationalromantic period. Enjoy paintings by J.C. Dahl, H.F. Gude, M. Møller, A. Askevold and an original female portrait painted in the 1880s by Edvard Munch himself.     

Jondal Hotel –  Located 30 min to the ski center is a favorite among locals that specializes in summer ski packages, hiking and other activities. 

List of more accomodations visit

Galdhøpiggen Summer Hike and Ski

Galdhopiggen, located in the majestic mountains of Jotunheimen also known as the “Home of the Giants”.

Jotunheimen has it’s name from the viking myths where Norse Giants live according to Viking legend.

The summer ski center is located on the Juv Glacier just below Northern Europe’s highest mountain summit, Galdhøpiggen, 1850 meters above sea level and offers excellent ski conditions at every level of skills on skis, snowboard or Telemark.  

Juvasshytta  offers a full package with lodging, meal, guiding and equipment hire for hikes on the Juv Glacier, up to Northern Europes highest summit and other fun activities..

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Sognefjellet Summer Ski Center (Sognefjellhytta -Sognefjell Lodge)

Sognefjellhytta, located on Northern Europe’s highest mountain pass.  spectacular views of the mountains of west Jotunheimen 

 The Sognefjell lodge is best known for hiking point to some of the country’s finest mountain areas.

Sognefjellhytta has 80 beds and built 8 new rooms with shower and toilet in 2009. 

Sognefjell Lodge and partners can also provide guides, tours and rentals for Glacier tours, backcountry/free-ride skiing, cross country skiing, cave diving, rafting and much more.

More local accommodations

Stryn Summer Ski Center

Stryn Summer Ski is the largest of summer ski centers in Norway and lies on the Tystigbreen glacier. The center offers a wide range of fun adventures in summer snow. 

Chairlift can take you up to the glacier lake where opportunities for great free ride skiing is possible but they do warn that free riding this terrain is at your own risk. Terrain will be built at the chairlift route. 

The area even has some great snowkite spots for kiteboarding enthusiasts. For more info contact

Local guides offer Glacier hikes 


Stryn has some great camping and lodging close to the ski center that offer everything from cabins to hotels rooms 

***** Hotel Alexandra Stryn – Great modern hotel that features both indoor and outdoor pool, sauna and stunning view of fjord.

****  Folven Camping – Local happy campers favorite, budget value and 20 min from the summer ski center.


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 Photo Siri Spjelkavik- Stryn Summer Ski

 Karen Blaha Glacier hiking- Jostedalsbreen