Travel, Experience & Indulge The Nordic Way

The Roskilde Way

Happy folks of the Nordic countries love festivities! Hey that’s part of what makes them the happiest region in the world.
After long winters summertime is definitely favorite time with lots of outdoor concerts, festivals and beachfront parties.

Dates: 29 June – 06 July, 2014
Music genre: Rock/Pop

Thomas Rousing Roskilde Festival

Every year in June one of Northern Europe’s largest music festivals takes place in Roskilde, Denmark. 

The Roskilde festival attracts thousands of top musicians and over hundred thousand festival goers and holiday travelers each year. 

Do not miss out on this massive party Danish style!

Hotel rooms are normally scarce in Roskilde unless you book long in advance and waiting list for cancellations are long at least a month before the Roskilde Festival. 

Dont worry, Roskilde is only 20min by train from Copenhagen and short distances from most other popular tourist destinations in Denmark. 

Visit Copenhagen and experience a great city with lots of great accommodations, restaurants and sites

     Photo Thomas Rousing

    Photo Chad Kainz

If you want to take a party break from the concerts and loud music to explore other cultural treasures? 

Roskilde has lots of awesome things to do and lots of museums to visit. Most popular is the Viking museum and you can even take a really cool cruise on an actual Viking ship. 

If your not into museums and more of a chill and enjoy peace and quiet time than you can easily relax along of the beautiful parks overlooking the Roskilde fjord and even take a nice dip.

Be There and Have The Time of Your Life!

 Photo Thomas Rousing