Travel, Experience & Indulge The Nordic Way

The Finnish Experience


         Photo Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho Placid Moment during the Midsummer, Finland                               

Finland, a Nordic country that has it’s own amazing and unique quality. Rich in culture, history, landscape and urban modern flare!

Finland sets itself aside from other Nordic or Scandinavian countries not only by language but by artistic, cultural, educational and technological savvy and “sisu” that gives the finns a leading edge in modern developement.  

Along with the finnish savvy and sisu, Finland is a treasure trove of travel experiences to meet any travel lovers expectations.

Travel through time portals into Finlands tough yet colorful and vibrant history.   

         Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho-Turku, Finland                             

Cruise through the historic islands and channels of Susisaari lined with castles and fortresses built to defend against a Russian expansion.


                                Dennis Jarvis Finland_1306 the walls on the island of Susisaari                                                                  

Time lapse into moments of Finlands cultural heritage museums in Hollola, southern Finland.

                           Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho-Hollola, southern Finland. 2014                                                                                  

Sense many of Finlands historic architecture with dashes of modern finesse.

                           Photo Timo Newton-Syms Lux light show Helsinki Cathedral, Finland 2014                                                            

Take advantage of bike rides along the fantastic Finnish coastlines, rivers or majestic countrysides. 

    Photo Patrik Jones – pedal power along river Aura, Turku Finland

Take wildlife safaris and enjoy the full sense of Finlands majestic nature and landscape.

                                       Photo Joni-Pekka Luomala Räme                                                                                                     

If your strolling through the magical and mysterious woods of Finland and stumble across this nice looking mushroom, dont touch or eat it! They are poisonous!!!!

 Photo Timo Newton-Syms Toadstool Mustavuori, Helsinki, Finland      

And easy on the party shots cause your guaranteed to look like this in the morning!!!! 

Photo Tomi Tapio K Caturation