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Summer Adventures of Sweden

        Hector Melo A. – ” Blue hour ” Stockholm, Sweden                                                                                                       

Nearly everyone has had some form of Swedish experience whether you are a fan of ABBA, Greta Garbo, Dolph Lundgren, IKEA, Nobel Prizes, Volvo and much more. But you haven’t experienced Sweden until you have actually “been there and done that” to experience every travel adventure Sweden has to offer you!

Explore and travel through Stockholm’s wild urban art culture or wander the streets of the old town and discover unexpected photo treasures.

     Photo Tobias Lindman “Dragon’s Lair” “Court” metro station Stockholm                        

  Photo Linnéa Sjögren Lilla Hamburgö                                        

Kayak or take RIB boat tours around Stockholms amazing archepilago.

Stockholms archepilago is the second largest in the Baltic sea and spans roughly 60 kilometres (37 mi) along Swedens eastern coastline from Stockholm to Bjorko where the major Viking settlement Birka is located. 

The archepilago consists of 24,000 islands and islets. 

Exploring Stockholms archepilago is a fantastic tourist experience of island hopping for many treasures these islands have to offer.

Shipwreck diving 

All along Swedens coast and shores there are literally thousands of shipwrecks from the Viking ships to 17th century war ships and sunken treasures. Some of the most famous shipwrecks are;

The Foteviken Viking ships sunk in the 12th century AD near Malmø.

The Kalmar Castle Wrecks, 13th to 16th centuries

The Danish-Lübeck fleet 1500’s and many more!

It’s is a shipwreck divers dream come true!

    Photo [AndreasS] Sunken ship in Sweden                                     

Sweden has some of the best flyfishing spots in the Nordic region. Take fly-fishing guides in the wilds of the Swedish highlands, midlands, or the beautiful shores of Sweden.

                               Photo David Mark    

Rafting and white water kayaking is an increasingly popular travel adventure in Sweden.  

     Mats Hagwall The Jokk In Abisko National Park, Kiruna Sweden          

Be in balance with nature by hiking the Swedish highlands and stunning landscapeSweden has without a doubt excellent hiking tours through national parks such as the UNESCO World Heritage site Sarek that will take your breath away.


                              63Grad Photography – balance    

Sweden has some of the most unique camping & treehotels in Scandinavia that is a must experience for your Nordic bucketlist. 

                                         Photo Detlef Schobert Treehotel in Harads, Sweden                                                                            

Go on wildlife tours and experience the world of contesting kings, the majestic moose and brown bear that share the wild nature of sweden with other inhabitants like the Lynx, wolf and many other cool Nordic critters.

Photo Magnus Johansson moose Skansen, Sweden                         

Photo Magnus Johansson brown bear Sweden                            

Sweden is a land full of travel treasures for everyone no matter what your travel interest might be!

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