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Norway’s Southern Fishing Heaven


        Photo Mirra Photography (Kristin Jona)–Mandal River, Norway                                                                                               

Norway has always had a fishing tradition unlike any other. Fish from Norway like the arctic char, cod, halibut, salmon and sea trout have made their own fame in the culinary world from the Sushi restaurants in Japan to the kitchens of Brasil. By now many in this world have had a taste of Norways high quality fish.

Photo by Schefferbird                                 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like catching them yourself? A great start would be Mandals River in Southern Norway. This river is one of, if not the best river for fishing salmon and trout in Norway.

                                       Photo Tregde Ferie Mandalselva laksehytter, Mandal Norway                                                                  

One of Southern Norway’s best professional guides offers the opportunity to maximize on your fishing experience, fly fishing style!
AnglerPilot and founder Ryan Marchese takes you on an amazing fishing journey to beautiful lakes, rivers and coastal areas that from my own fishing experience will not disappoint you.

          Photo AnglerPilot/Ryan Marchese                         

Ryan knows all the best spots so you have the best opportunity for a great catch and the best experience.

                             Photo Tony Warelius Mountain trout, Norway

As Norwegians say before you go fishing in Norway “Skitt Fiske”!