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Kite Surfing the Nordic Paradise of Lofoten

   Photo Sören Schaper Flickr – Lofoten view                                                                                                                      

There has been a lot of talk about Norway being a top travel destination. On top of the list of places in Norway is an archipelago in the northern part of Norway that never disappoints.

It’s a place described as the tropical north, fairy tale experience, mesmerizing and stunning. There is simply one thing to do when Lofoten comes to mind! Be there and do that!!

Do what? First and foremost Lofoten is a nature photographer’s picturesque dreams come true!

Now add adventurous safaris for whales or other wildlife.

                           Photo Pavel Lunkin Flickr – Killer Whale Family 

Fishing the huge and famous Lofoten arctic char, cod, halibut, salmon or sea trout!

                                        Photo Harvey Barrison Gravdal, Norway                                                                                                    

Experience professionally guided backcountry skiing and free styling the lines of spectacular peaks with the most incredible panoramic views!

                               Photo Asbjørn Floden Fisherman skiing – Lofoten, Norway                                                                    

Or hunting spectacular spots to view Northern lights.

                           Photo Matthew Savage Lofoten, Norway                                                                                                    

Kite surfing the exotic shores and flat water lagoons that would put most tropical kite spots to shame.

                           Photo: Sören Schaper Flickr – Lofoten, Lofoten                                                                                       

One of these local guides Lofoten Horizon does Lofoten justice by offering safaris in just about every possible adventure you can dream of and sail to and in this case “Sail and Kite Safari” through and around the amazing islands and many spectacular kite spots.  

Lofoten Horizon’s “Sail and Kite Safari” will take you on a five day spectacular journey on a 80ft two mast sail boat, the M/S Ylajali, sailing through fjords to sandy white beaches and beautiful lagoons in search of known and untouched kite spots of your dreams.

Who isn’t up for an ultimate kite surfing adventure in the backyards of the Vikings!