Travel, Experience & Indulge The Nordic Way

Indulge The Nordic Way

Photo Stig Nygaard Nyhavn Creative Commons Nyhavn, Copenhagen

     Photo Stig Nygaard – Nyhavn, Copenhagen                                                                 


Whether a 1st time visitor or returning to Nordic or Scandinavian countries, each country whether Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden has their own unique irresistible charm and culture.

A common and noticeable fact among locals in Nordic countries is they love to indulge, relax and enjoy life to its fullest. The secret to their infamous “happy” status is that indulging and relaxing is their most favorite recreation!

Photo: Let Ideas Compete @ Flickr – Sweden

Locals and of course travelers usually have at least that one common thought in mind and that is to get the most out of a great time! So when in the Nordic countries, do as the Nordic locals do’, indulge, relax and be happy!

Spoil yourself to the renown Icelandic healing and health spas

Photo Chris Ford – The Blue Lagoon, Grindavik, Iceland

Or take a genuine Finnish Sauna. Oh yeah even cats like Saunas too in Finland!

Photo: Suvi Korhonen – sauna, Finland

Or treat yourself to outdoor parks with treasures of art in Oslo, Norway!

Photo Nordic Pleasures –Mother/son (Per Ung), Ekeberg, Oslo

and unique and modern pavilions and waterfronts in Norway

                     Photo Maciek Lulko Aker Brygge Pavilion

Or the charming open air wharfs markets that serve the most delicious baguettes with fresh seafood. 

      Photo: superblinkymac Bergen Fish Market

  Photo – Café, Helsinki

Or the artistic cafes in Helsinki

and wide variety of restaurants and delicious new Nordic tastes!

And fantastic nightlife with lots of live music venues.

Photo Rog01@ Flickr Reykjavik Culture Night Iceland

Any visit to the Nordic countries will enrich your memories for the rest of your lives.