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Icy Art Adventures of Iceland

Photo Moyan Brenn

           Photo Moyan Brenn – Jokulsarlon, Iceland

No matter how icy Iceland may seem mother nature seems to take all that ice to new levels of artistic dimensions. If there is one certainty about Iceland is that there is alot of ice.

People dont usually dont take trips to the beach during the winter especially when there snow or ice, 

but a trip to the beach in Iceland is like walking through natures own art gallery of ice. 

Stunning natural ice sculptures on rocky shores

Photo Heather Buckley Jökulsárlón, Iceland                              

The Glacier lagoon of Jökulsárlón is a literal exibition of colorful icebergs and ice crystals that lay on a canvas of volcanic sand. Ice crystals of all color, shapes and sizes along th black volcanic beach as far as the eye can see.

                            Photo Andrés Nieto Porras – Jökulsárlón, Iceland                                                                                       

 Ice crystal on black volcanic sand

                            Photo Craig Damlo -Black Ice Jökulsárlón, Iceland                                                                                      

Blue Crystal Ice on fine volcanic black sand

                            Photo Howard Ignatius Jökulsárlón, Iceland

Stunning Aqua Blue Iceberg

                       Photo Shaun Versey – Jökulsárlón, Iceland                                                                                                          

Iceland’s glaciers comes with it’s own designed museums of crystal ice caves!

                  Photo Matthew Karsten/ExpertVagabond – Vatnajökull, Iceland                                                                                             

Ice Crystal Cave East-Skaftafellssysla

                            Craig Damlo – Auster-Skaftafellssysla, Iceland

Iceland is an island full of natures treasures and natural artistic show displays as the spectacular Northern Lights.

                             Photo Andrés Nieto Porras – Jökulsárlón, Iceland

And on occasion dont be surprised to meet some local Trolls on your Journey! 

Photo David Stanley – Akureyri, Iceland