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Grand Journey of Denmark

               Photo Nelson L. – fairy tale castle, Egeskov Slot Denmark                                                                                                      

A small yet grand country full of culture and happiness! 

A kingdom, a land of castles, fairytales, folklore, legends and amazing history! This is the grand country of Denmark!

Denmark, is also a country that made it on the top list as the “happiest” country in the world. So who wouldn’t want to visit the happy Danes?

          Photo Stig Nygaard Roskilde Festival 2007                                       

Danes have a biking culture unlike any other nation. Experienced biker or not, Denmark is the perfect place to travel by bike and know accommodations for bikers are everywhere.

                             Photo Thomas Rousing Copenhagen, Denmark                                                                                                 

Tivoli Gardens built in 1800’s has become one of Copenhagens and Denmarks greatest landmark and historic theme parks enjoyed by millions of visitors each year. It is a must visit if you like theme parks!

                             Photo George Rex – Nimb/Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen                                                                                      

Denmark might be a small country by land but Denmark certainly fills any travellers cultural interests with grand historic values. Denmarks archaeological treasures dates back to the Eem interglacial period to the fascinating history of the Viking Age and beyond.

One of the most prolific Viking chieftains, Holger Danske (Olgier the Dane), now resting in his chamber at Kronberg Castle, is embraced as Denmarks historic and legendary heroes. There are many legendary sagas of Olgier the Dane as a Knight of Charlemagne, his battles against Saracen giants and inheriting his sword by Arthurian knight, Tristan. You simply cannot visit Denmark without visiting Kronberg Castle which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

                              Photo Nelson L. – Holger Danske Kronborg Castle


               Photo seier+seier-grundtvig memorial church                                  

The Danes have an impeccable talent for the grand design of things. Whether it’s architectural or interior, danes have truly perfected the art of dimensional design and have an impressive ensemble of architectures and interior designs to show for it.

The Grundtvig Church, an expressionist design with Gothic architecture is one in many of Denmark’s structural masterpieces.

Travelers with a love for art, architecture and design will find everything their heart desires in this small culturally rich country.

Denmarks shores and famous “chalk” cliffs are also very popular among visitors to Denmark

Møns Klint, a 6km stretch of cliffs made of chalk overlooking an aqua blue transition to the deep blue sea is a natural landmark that sets itself aside with uniqueness from many other beautiful coastlines.

      Photo josef.stuefer Denmark | Møns Klint                                                                  

Denmarks beautiful beaches and sandy coastlines is considered the best kept beach secrets of northern Europe. Another great benefit of travel to Denmark being a small country their stunning beaches are no more than 20 minutes by car from the inland.

                                Photo John Nuttall LN49 Lokken Beach, NW Denmark                                                                                     

After a long winter season this lady is just waiting for all the “Happy Campers” and travelers to Denmark and visit her at one of the many fantastic museums!

            Photo Samu el Rivas Waiting Roskilde, Denmark