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Art Gems of the Fjords – Rivedal Gallery

The first stop on my travel to the west coast of Norway was blessed with a stay at a beautiful 18th century farmhouse villa. On this beautiful estate in the valley of Rivedal resides a small but charming modern art gallery in a picturesque valley by Dalefjord in the county of Sogn og Fjordane. Rivedal Art Gallery is owned and managed by Oddveig Lyngstad, a local artist that uses her artistic style on recycled old wooden pieces and turns them into amazing works of modern art. You will also experience exhibits of magnificent art from local, national and international artists.  Rivedal Art Gallery is a true cultural gem of the fjords. 

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Rivedal Art Gallery

Oddveig Lyngstad

Bente Linn Bergene Huseby

Nikolai Astrup

Rivedal has a unique place in Viking history  Ingolf Arnarson (Norse Ingólfr Arnarson), from Rivedal in Sunnfjord, Sogn og Fjordane, is recognized as the first Norse permanent settler in Iceland. According to the “Icelands Book of Settlement” the first man on Iceland was a Norseman from Agder but did not stay long.  The book claims he left Rivedal, Norway after a blood feud. The “Book of the Icelanders” saga describes Ingolf throwing his high seat pillars (a sign of his being a chieftain) overboard. The first place where the pillars washed ashore on Iceland is where he decided to settle, marking the first permanent settlement in Iceland. Ingolf settled south of Reykjavik, according to Íslendingabók (“Book of the Icelanders”), in the year 874. It marked the beginning of the settlement period that lasted until around the year 930.
Dalefjord is surrounded by beautiful valleys, hidden gardens of eden and a stunning landscape unique to Norwegian fjords. The whole region is a haven for camping, fishing/fly fishing, hiking, glacier tours, kayaking and many other exciting activities. Along with the landscape, lovers of the arts will find more gems of artistic culture, creativity and innovation. Roughly 30 min from Rivedal Art Gallery you will find the Amot Country Villa and Opera Farm, nominated in 2011 by CNN as the 5th most unique travel destination. 

For all you sea food loving Deli fans out there, the small town Askvoll on the outer edge of Dalefjord has a small but fantastic Askvoll Seafood & Delicatessen This is a must stop by place to grab a bite to eat while passing through or taking the ferry to or from Bergen.  This is a cultural travel adventure you don’t want to miss!